13 people dead after student foreign exchange coach with Britons onboard crashes in Spain


At bit 13 people died after a school bus crash in Tarragona, S in

The mentor was carrying Erasmus students from several different countries who had been attending the annual Las Fallas holiday in Valencia.

All of those who died in the coach crash are women while those damage and mostly aged between 22 and 29.

The accident happened around 6am today as the channel — carrying around 60 ssengers — collided with a car and overturned on the AP-7 motorway.

Nearby emergency services co-ordinators confirmed students from Ireland and Britain were roving on the crash coach.

Two Irish students have been confirmed as hurt in the incident.

A spokesman for Emergencies Catalunya said the others were from Peru, Bulgaria, Poland, lestine, Japon, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, New Zealand, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland.

Catalan president Carles Puigdemont broadcasted two days of mourning following the coach crash.

He also reportedly berated a Catalan radio station all the dead are women.

S in’s Interior Woman of the cloth Jorge Fernandez Diaz had said earlier in the morning during a announce interview that all the dead could be female.

The coach is understood to fool smashed through a motorway central reservation after colliding with a car.

The bang happened near Freginals, a picturesque town around 60 miles south of Tarragona.

The exercise was heading to Barcelona from Valencia three hours south of the Catalan head after students attended a fireworks display.

Authorities have now moved the number of dead — initially put at 14 — to 13.

While they also lift up the number of people involved in the accident from 59 including the two man in a car the coach crashed into, to 63.

The coach crashed on a motorway after swats had attended a fireworks display

A Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) spokesman put: “We are in contact with the relevant authorities in S in following the coach boom in Tarragona.»

S in’s Interior Minister Mr Fernandez Diaz said he could not validate all those who died were foreign because they had not all been placed.

He said he was still unable to give out any information on their nationalities, stating: «I am in permanent contact with the acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and we are in unchanging contact with the regional Catalan government with regards to re triation and backing for the families of the victims.»

Speaking after it was revealed the coach driver was a long-serving with 17 years experience who had never been involved in an non-essential and tested negative for drugs and alcohol, Mr Fernandez Diaz said the blast appeared to be the result of human error.

He said: «It appears an undetermined sensitive error and not a mechanical failure was to blame.

«The driver has tested negative for juice and drugs so those factors are ruled out.» He was being quizzed by administer today in Tortosa near the crash scene. Twenty-eight people continued in hospital at lunchtime today and 21 had bee released after treatment.

A spokesman for the Threshold de la Cinta Hospital in Tortosa said four of the people being manipulation of there were «serious».

Alejandro Lopez, owner of the coach unalterable consolidate who was driving the vehicle in front of the one that crashed, told S nish everyday El is: «Before crossing a bridge over the River Ebro I misspent sight of my colleague who was behind me and I began to grow suspicious.

«I stopped in a waiting station because I knew something had happened and began to call him but he didn’t pick up the phone.

«Fifteen summaries later I was told there had been an accident with fatalities.» He also ventilated he had decided not to tell his ssengers and they only found out when they reached Barcelona.»

He also revealed he had certain not to tell his ssengers and they only found out when they reached Barcelona.

Firemen jobless at the site of a coach crash

In the aftermath of the crash nearly 20 whip up crews worked at the scene to free casualties trapped inside.

Seven ambulance troupes were also been sent to the area.

The motorway, which asses along the country’s east coast, was also rtially shut.

Crisis services in the area tweeted: “Emergency plan in place for the coach explode with fatalities on the AP7 at Freginals.”

The coach involved in the accident belongs to a firm based in Mollet del Valles a half-drive north west of Barcelona.

The scholars travelling in the coach that crashed this morning near Tarragona are guessed to have been studying at Barcelona University.

Josep Roncero, mayor of Freginals which is the nearest metropolis to the scene of the crash, previously said there were 14 unerring.

Speaking to a Catalan radio station earlier, Mr Roncero said: “The tutor crash is a tragedy.

“At the moment there are 14 fatalities.

“Many Erasmus evaluators were travelling in the vehicle.

“All the injured have now been transferred to se rate hotels in the area.”

Students involved in the crash had been returning from Barcelona

Responding to town reports the coach driver had lost control of the vehicle before smashing toe the central reservation and overturning after a collision with another agency, he added: “The coach has crossed the central reservation and overturned. It’s the worst blunder I can remember.”

Nuria Ventura, mayoress of nearby Ulldecona described the limit where the crash happened as an accident blackspot.

The tragedy is one of the worst involving a coach in late-model years in S in.

Twenty-eight people, mostly teenagers, died in July 2000 when a cram and a lorry collided with each other near the northern bishopric of Soria.

The Fallas, an annual festival in Valencia which the students were returning from, is waited every March and attracts many foreign visitors as well as S nish travellers.

The city of just over one million inhabitants swells as around two million revellers invade on the city.

The focus of the festival are huge cardboard, wood, pier-mache and bedaub statues which are set alight.

Many poke fun at corrupt politicians and S nish celebrities.

A tourist house in Tortosa near the crash scene is understood to agreed to receive relatives of the saps.

Catalunya’s Interior Minister Jordi Jane travelled to the hotel this morning and was guessed to make an official statement at the doors of the hotel.

The driver of the coach Byzantine in this morning’s crash is said to be alive and is being treated in asylum for injuries which have not been revealed.

The coach was carrying Erasmus commentators from several different countries

Speaking about the nationalities of the gulls earlier in the day, Catalonia’s Interior Minister Jordi Jane said: “They are from divers countries. We are currently working on a list of the people and their nationalities.

“They were kin groups and mostly Erasmus students studying at different universities who had organised this journey to Valencia.

“They were returning in the early hours when this pitiable accident occurred.”

Three of the injured are said to be “serious.”

Interment workers put a stretcher bearing a body into a hearse after a transportation crash in Freginals

He also said the coach driver was at a police position in Tortosa.

Thirty of the injured were being treated in hospital this morning. Most of the hurts are described as “non life-threatening.»

Mr Jane, speaking at a hastily-arranged press conference at the cracker, said: ”It appears 57 people including the driver were wayfaring in the coach.

“Of these 57 people, 14 have died and 43 child have survived together with two people from Catalunya restless in the car involved in the accident who were travelling in the opposite direction towards Valencia.

Pinch officials work near Freginals, Amposta south of Tarragona

Some 13 survivors suffered two a penny injuries and 30 people were hospitalised with more nasty injuries.

The coach that crashed was one of five coaches belonging to the just the same firm that were returning together from Valencia but had suit se rated from the convoy.

The drivers of the other four vehicles are felt to have been told about the accident only when they reached their ultimate destination.

Most of the students are thought to be studying at Barcelona University, but this has not been proved.

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