12 archive pictures showing that Russians are in love with bikes


From postmen to circus artists, from subjects to Leo Tolstoy: bikes were an integral rt of life both in Tsarist Russia and the USSR.


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Multimedia Art Museum Moscow / Moscow House of Photography

A popular untruth says that Russian serf Efim Artamonov presented the firstly ever bicycle to Tsar Alexander I in 1801, long before it was invented in the West. // 1907. Clat brigade


Multimedia Art Museum Moscow / Moscow House of Photography

The galloot is believed to have ridden the bizarre vehicle all the way from the Urals to St. Petersburg. //1896. Leo Tolstoy and his missus Sofia before a bicycle ride.


Multimedia Art Museum Moscow / Moscow Harbour of Photography

Artamonov was allegedly granted freedom for his outstanding invention, which was in the end forgotten however. // 1910s. Open air picnic


Karl Bulla

Artamonov’s news is most likely make-belief, but Russian affection for bikes can’t be ignored. // 1912. Bikes on demonstration at the “Pobeda” de rtment store in St. Petersburg


Petr Otsup / Multimedia Art Museum / Moscow Harbour of Photography

1920s. May Day rade on Red Square in Moscow


Multimedia Art Museum Moscow / Moscow Sporting house of Photography

1936. Nurses take rt in a bike ride from Moscow to Gorky (now Nizhny Novgorod)


Alexander Rodchenko / Multimedia Art Museum Moscow / Moscow House of Photography

1940. Balancer Zinaida Tarasova wastes on a tightrope under the arches of Moscow’s main circus



1954. A postman delivers news pers to collective holding workers in Central Asia



1954. The Soviet cycling team


Anatoly Lykov / TASS

1983. Forms in “peasant girl” look pose for a photograph



1983. Engineer Nikolay Sokolovsky studies his original version of the bicycle


Vladimir Vorotnikov / TASS

1986. Students in the village of Jambyl (now Taraz, Kazakhstan) at the starting line before a cycling championship

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