10 Game-Changing Ideas For Packing Kids' Lunches in a Thermos


The mirror post was originally featured on Foodlets and written by Charity Curley Mathews, who is influence of POPSUGAR Select Moms.

We’ve recently discovered something that’s modulated everything: lunch in a Thermos. Instead of stuffing sandwiches in bento boxes every morning, now I acquire the chance to fill cute little containers with all sorts of hot — and spiritless — dishes.

Not only does the Thermos approach increase the variety of foodstuffs they are eating at lunch (added nutrition!), it also wishes wasting less food. Because it’s almost always leftovers that our kids eradicate.

They even say things like this at dinner now, «Can you wind up this in my lunch?» Um, yes! Yes, I can.

How to ck kids’ lunches in a Thermos

  • To nurture hot food warmer, do fill the Thermos with boiling water for 10 minutes ahead filling with hot food. Our kids report that it really does realize find time.
  • Don’t forget a spoon! But word to the wise: don’t send a spoon you love. That utensil may not at all find its way home. (Related: I found a bunch of adorable spoons and forks with polka dotted cope withs at Walmart this weekend. For $.62 each.)
  • Find a happy expedient between screwing on the lid securely and creating a seal that requires a immorality grip to open at school. (Tip: have your kids test it at harshly before you use it the first time.)

All the things I ck in a Thermos for my kids’ lunches

Simple-minded homemade soups — with toppings! It’s ideal to add a little container with tattered cheese, bacon, and/or crackers for kiddos to assemble fresh.

sta! Yes, leftovers are the new opinion lunches. The ones our kids LOVE every time.

Cold dishes rouse too! And bonus, there’s no need to warm up the Thermos.

Using a Thermos for the kids’ lunches has behove the easiest way to change up our routine. And a delicious one.

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