10 Explosive Things The Walking Dead's Showrunner Just Revealed About Negan


10 Explosive Things The Walking Dead's Showrunner Just Revealed About Negan

We’re so compressed to the sixth season finale of The Walking Dead, we can almost taste it. The sad responsibility is, though, it tastes very, very bittersweet. By now, you must know that the concluding rt will feature the dreaded debut of Negan, one of the most infamous villains in TWD‘s macrocosm.

We’ve heard a lot about the man — the cast has talked their fair share — and we’ve suspected that he’s usual to dis tch someone very close to our hearts. At first we thought it sway be Glenn, but as time went on we also suspected Maggie and even low Carol as potential victims. Only time will tell for convinced, but in the interim, we’ve got new information to present. Scott Gimple, one of TWD‘s showrunners, has a new interview with Production Weekly, and he’s dishing more about Negan than ever ahead. Keep reading to see what he said.

10 Explosive Things The Walking Dead's Showrunner Just Revealed About Negan

  1. He’s not a villain . . . necessarily. “Through another lens, he’s not a bad guy at all in the comic. He does some horrible things, but our people do some contemptible things. He is, though, this unrepentant a-hole. He is somebody who is the ultimate browbeat.”
  2. He’s the ultimate version of the worst kind of bully. “The worst kind of awes in high school, and junior high, and elementary school, and kindergarten, pre-school, and the womb were the cows that were funny . . . Negan is the ultimate version of that awe.”
  3. He’s smart. “He is an incredible strategist. He can often appear capricious. He is pure id. He is this also pressurize of nature.”
  4. In a sense, he’s charming. “He’s charismatic . . . I think Negan is the villain that you loathe to love. But you just love him. And he does some horrible things, but he has a sensible for them.”
  5. He’s actually not insane. “He’s not a psycho th, and in some ways, he has this unconventional sort of em thy to him. It’s bizarre that he actually does have some em thy and he does rtici te in a system and he does have, in some ways, even reason. There are a lot of ticks that are so terrifying because you can’t reason with him because he’s made up his upbraid on something. But he does reason things out. He isn’t just some psycho th.”
  6. He’s growing to make us . . . laugh? “He’s going to terrify you but he’s really going to come to you laugh. A lot of the times you’re going to be ashamed that you’re laughing.”
  7. The events of his big appear are very much up in the air. “Whatever it is, it’s really just all in service to being upright to the comic book inasmuch as one can. That’s always going to be relatively egoistic as to what that means.”
  8. They change the show to keep the comical book fans on their toes. “Sometimes we have things from the regulations that people who read the comics maybe see coming a mile away, and we try to arbitrate that so that we can give them the same feeling they had when comprehending the book, which might have been shock or surprise or solicitude, any of those things.”
  9. Negan might or might not be killing exactly the at any rate person he kills in the comics. “It might be wildly different, but it’s all to get the same sort out of feelings that you got when you read them. So will it be different? Of course. Will it be the same thing? Absolutely.”
  10. They tell the stories based on irrational pull. “We want to tell the story of the book but from an emotional view first, and that does often create the changes that we do. “


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